Rooted in the Carolina foothills, the Night in the Country experience transforms the world-renowned Tryon International Equestrian Center into your next great country tradition.


  • Team captains will choose their desired relay time when they register
  • 4 people per team
  • 4 teams per heat
  • Must check-in 20 minutes before your start time
  • Runners must stay on the obstacle course
  • Spilled beer will result in a time penalty
  • A party-like atmosphere


11:00AM – 3:00PM


This NITC race/obstacle relay may be a festival-defining moment for your crew. Each team must have 4 runners. When the air horn blows the lead runner must down their first beer. Once the relay referees declare that beer is completely empty, the runner launches into the obstacle course and to the next beer zone. When the refs confirm your 2nd beer is empty grab another beer. It’s tempting, but don’t drink this one. This is the beer you’re going to hand off to your 2nd runner. Hold onto it as you sprint back to the start line. Your teammate will then down that beer and run the same course. The whole thing is a circle. The start line is the finish line. Your team is finished once all four of your team members complete the obstacle course and the required beers and cross the finish line.

Run, chug, repeat as fast as you can! The trophies for the winners will earn you bottomless bragging rights.

*Must be 21 or older to participate in the Beer Relay

*Each team member must sign a waiver at check-in to participate in the Beer Relay


RETURNS AUGUST 25 - 27, 2022