Rooted in the Carolina foothills, the Night in the Country experience transforms the world-renowned Tryon International Equestrian Center into your next great country tradition.




Night in the Country is preparing for our inaugural festival in North Carolina, and we would like to inform you about this fantastic volunteer opportunity for 2021!

Night in the Country relies on various service clubs, organizations, and generous individuals to help with different aspects during the festival, for example, beverages, parking, check in, ID checks, etc. There are countless service clubs and community-based organizations that have asked to be a part of Night in the Country, and the Give & Get program is a way for this to happen. In 2019, thanks to volunteers at Night in the Country Nevada, we were able to donate almost $65,000 to 35 different organizations based all over the United States. The largest donation was back to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley in the amount of $22,430 with volunteers donating back 4,956 hours.

You can join with your service group or on an individual level and designate a non-profit organization to donate to. A volunteer would just need to be accepted into the volunteer program and designate an organization(s) they would like their time donated to. Once the volunteer completes their shift, Night in the Country will make a donation to the non-profit organization chosen in that volunteer’s name.

The rules are simple. The chosen cause must be a certified non-profit organization in order to qualify for our Give & Get. In order to be accepted into our program, the volunteer must be at least 18 years old, fill out the volunteer application form, and successfully pass a background check. Once the volunteer completes the prerequisites, they will be required to complete their volunteer shift(s) at Night in the Country.

The rate of giving applied to the selected non-profit varies depending on where the service is provided and ranges between $8 and $12 per hour. Let’s say 12 volunteers worked 8 hours each, at a giving rate of $12 per hour, and pledged their time to “Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley.” The Club would receive $1,152 in the names of those 12 amazing volunteers.

In appreciation of the service provided, volunteers will receive a shirt, up to two meals a day during working shifts, and a General Admission pass for the festival! We require a minimum of 12 hours worked to receive the pass and to be invited back next year.

There is a limited amount of volunteer slots available and they are on a first-come, first-served basis.